Sports-, Swedish-, Spa-, Deep tissue & Faschia massage

Naprapathy & Chiropractic

Examination & diagnostics, Manipulation & Mobilization

Physiotherapy & Acupuncture

Rehab & injury treatment, Prevention & Rehabilitation, Triggerpoint treatment

Personal training

To build a stable fitness & balance in your body


Our Mission and goal

To make your body work at an optimal level suited to your needs and requirements. Our mission is to help to create that balance you need, so that your body can function without compensations.    We achieve this by preforming treatments that is designed after what you want and your body needs

This is the perfect place for getting the help your body needs to keep preforming on the level you need it to



Worked at some of the best clinics in Norway and Sweden, opened up in Girona 2016. 

  • Specialized in Sports treatments and prevention within Cycling and running
  • Work with World Tour cyclists, triathletes on the highest level of both IM, 70.3, Olympic and sprint distance, runners on the Swedish national track and field team, Circus Cirkör, MMA fighters

Other mentionable engagements

  • Soigneur at training camps
  • Cooperate office treatments
  • Insurance indicated treatments